Silver Cleaning rota – Volunteer needed

One of the volunteers who helps to clean St Michael’s silver (and brass) on Friday mornings has had to leave the rota, and a replacement is needed.  Two people, as regular pairs, are on each time in an eight-week cycle, and “H team”, where there’s the vacancy, is next on on 23rd September and then on 18th November.  If you’d like to volunteer, or want to check about times etc, please contact us.

Active Angels needs volunteer helpers

Active Angels, a community group for parents/carers and pre-school children based here at St Michaels, needs a couple of volunteer helpers to replace two who are ‘retiring’.  Helping with refreshments, etc about one week in seven at the ninety-minute Tuesday morning meetings (school term-times only).  If you can help, or want to discuss, please contact us and Mary Impey will follow up.

Kaleidoscope Service Planning

Bramhall St Michaels Kaleidoscope ServicesThe success of Bramhall’s Kaleidoscope Services, which were instituted many years ago, are largely down to the inspiration and participation of those involved in their planning and implementation.

If you would like to contribute to the planning of a Kaleidoscope Service please do come along to the next planning meeting on Wednesday 7th September at Bramhall St Michaels at 7:00pm.  We use the “Roots” resource as a springboard for our ideas, and copies of September’s pages are available from Jill Elston or Sue Taylor on request.  Everyone welcome.