Pastoral Care

At Bramhall St Michaels We Care About You

St Michaels has a dedicated Pastoral Team, who offer pastoral care in addition to our clergy. One of our central roles is to try to visit the sick both in hospital and in their homes. We have volunteers who work at Stepping Hill hospital helping in both A & E and in the Chaplaincy. We also look out for the lonely, providing a friendly face and someone to talk to.

Without wishing to intrude, we will always endeavour to check if all is well whenever we notice anything unusual, such as a decline in someone’s wellbeing or atypical absence.  We are sensitive to the bereaved and will put their needs first, whilst letting them know we are here to talk if they feel the need. We strongly believe in meeting people outside the church and regularly visit all six care homes in our community to provide monthly communion and services.  It is always a great pleasure to get to know the residents and hear their life stories.  The care homes are invited into the church three times a year: at Easter, Harvest and Christmas.  They love to see the church decorated for these occasions and really enjoy the change of scenery, the tea, and lots of cakes. We also visit all the homes to do a wonderful carol service each year – their faces say it all.

The team try to organise lifts for members of the congregation who have no means of getting to church.

If you would like someone to talk to or a visit from one of our team or from a member of clergy please do not hesitate to contact us and one of the Pastoral Team will soon be in touch.