Water Shortage!

Many households in Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme, and Woodford recently went without a supply of running water for 24 hours or more.  Think what it would be like never to have water constantly on tap, for that’s the way it is for most village families in the Diocese of Newala.  That’s why St Michael’s is doing all it can to help Newala’s Mothers’ Union build water tanks in villages to store rainwater otherwise going to waste.

We understand our water supplier is giving each affected household £25 in compensation for interruption of supply.  Some of the St M’s congregation are donating their £25 to the Newala Water Tank Project.  How about doing the same?  Please hand cash or  cheque (payable to St Michael’s PCC Newala) in to the Office.  Many thanks to everyone who takes up this idea.

Please leave a comment if you wish