Some Thank Yous!

Thank you:

from the organisers of ‘Mad Dogs’ for the bags of toiletries and socks we’ve donated to the project.  If you’d like to keep up-to-date with Mad Dogs, please note all their communications are via social media; their thank you to us will be among their posts of Facebook.

to everyone involved in the recent tidying of the grounds.  You’ve made a tremendous difference – St M’s can once again be seen from the road, and the beds are looking good.  Thank you, too, to those involved in the full-time task at this time of year of sweeping, raking, and blowing away leaves.    Sue Taylor & Louise Richardson

for the Bible Sunday event and collection.  We heard an inspirational story from Shapoor Ahmadi.  Thank you to everyone involved in organising the Service, music, and refreshments.  Thank you, too, to everyone who contributed to the collection, which raised an excellent £554.72.    Margaret Renwick

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