Mothers’ Union Matters

Mothers Union at Bramhall St Michaels

Members spent a happy afternoon on Wednesday with prayer partners St Cross at Knutsford. Revd Paul Deakin spoke about the three years in the 1990s that he, Angela, and the boys had spent in South Africa. We looked at slides of that very beautiful country, including those of the countryside Paul passed on his daily eight mile cycle ride to work. It was not all idyllic though – on one occasion a gentleman asked Angela if he could have the bread that the boys were feeding to the ducks; and another time Angela was asked by a black African mother if she had really meant to invite her little boy to Matthew’s party.

We were made really welcome and given a delicious tea; it was good to see how pleased St Cross members are to have Paul as their priest. We were invited to their Christmas tree festival on 9th & 10th December, and Angela said that she will bring a group to our Angel Festival.

Grateful thanks to our drivers. It was a very pretty journey along the Cheshire lanes with the sun shining through the orange, yellow, and red autumn leaves.

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