More Church Schools

The C of E has published a report ‘Church of England Vision for Education’ setting out its plans for a major expansion in the number of its schools over the next five years.  The Government has promised 500 new free schools by 2020, and the C of E will bid to make a quarter for them church schools.  (A free school is a state-funded start-up school, not under local authority control.)  Most of the new C of E schools would be secondary schools in areas where there is a shortage of school places.

The C of E – already the largest provider of schools in England, with about a million pupils in 4,700 schools – has described its plans as “a bold and ambitious vision for education” that will “promote educational excellence for everyone” and “the flourishing of a health plural society and democracy”.  Our archbishop has also recently provided some thoughtful reflections on this topic.

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