International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission LogoRetrak logoOn Saturday 16th July twenty people met to discuss our response to the International Justice Mission presentation on 2nd July.  Several people had already written to local councillors and to our MP, Mary Robinson.

Revd Phil Berry (the Methodist minister) informed us of a local charity, based in Cheadle Hulme, called “Retrak”.  This is a Christian charity working with street children in some of the poorest countries in Africa.  In 2014, it started working in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, and Uganda, giving support to children and families so that children have access to education, a safe and loving home, and a bright future.

The group will meet again on Saturday 3rd September at 10:00am in the Methodist hall to discuss our response to International Justice Mission and to Retrak.  The discussion is called “Bursting the Bubble” as we live such sheltered lives in Bramhall and need to look around and be aware of others’ more difficult lives and seek to find out how we can help to improve them.

Incidentally, following our meeting with IJM being about modern-day slavery, it was good to hear the TV report that people in Manchester who were keeping people in slavery were to be brought to court.

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