Pastoral Team Easter Tea

Pastoral Team Easter Tea for residents and staff of the local care homes and the community in our parish. Tuesday 18th April, 3:00pm. All the congregation is more than welcome, and please bring a friend or neighbour. Please contact the Office to let us know if you intend to attend so we can judge how many cakes to bake – well worth coming for. Look forward to seeing you all.

Water Shortage!

Many households in Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme, and Woodford recently went without a supply of running water for 24 hours or more.  Think what it would be like never to have water constantly on tap, for that’s the way it is for most village families in the Diocese of Newala.  That’s why St Michael’s is doing all it can to help Newala’s Mothers’ Union build water tanks in villages to store rainwater otherwise going to waste.

We understand our water supplier is giving each affected household £25 in compensation for interruption of supply.  Some of the St M’s congregation are donating their £25 to the Newala Water Tank Project.  How about doing the same?  Please hand cash or  cheque (payable to St Michael’s PCC Newala) in to the Office.  Many thanks to everyone who takes up this idea.

Fr Bob’s Ordination Anniversary

Belated congratulations to Fr Bob, who mentioned en passant at the beginning of last Sunday’s 10am service that it was the 45th anniversary of his Ordination, which took place on 18th December 1971 in Durham Cathedral.  Rising to the occasion, the Churchwardens presented gifts to Bob and Joan at the end of the service.  They hadn’t been tipped off, Bob had said nothing beforehand, but – in a genuine coincidence – they had got these marks of our appreciation of Bob’s guidance, particularly noting that – with Fr David being heavily committed in Stockport – Fr Bob would single-handedly be leading all the service in the coming week, up to and including Christmas.

Emergency appeal for Yemen

Envelopes for donations to Christian Aid’s emergency appeal for Yemen are available in the porches. Please ask a sidesperson if you want one and can’t see them. Please complete the section on the envelope to Gift Aid your donation, if applicable, and put the envelope in the collection plates at the rear of the church.

Mad Dogs Homeless Project Donations

The money donated to Mad Dogs Homeless Project from the Angel Festival has purchased 6 Sleeping Bags, 10 pairs of Thermal Gloves, 12 pairs of mens thermal socks, 6 pairs of womens thermal socks, 18 pairs of boxer shorts, 16 pairs of ladies underwear and 8 wool hats.

All of the above have been distributed to those in need.

The ongoing support from the St Michaels congregation is very much appreciated. Sadly, there is a huge need for the ongoing donation of sleeping bags and warm winter wear. Please contact David Taylor (Verger) for further information

A cheque has also been issued to ‘Manchester Street Angels‘ to support their work in looking out for vulnerable people on the streets of Manchester.

Christmas Crib Festival

Bramhall Methodist Church Christmas Crib FestivalBramhall Methodist Church is hosting a Christmas Crib Festival with over a hundred Nativity scenes, including handmade displays and scenes from around the world, being displayed both inside and outside the church. Along with various children’s activities, the ‘Inn’ in the Church will be serving teas, coffees, soup, rolls and cakes throughout the day to visitors.  Please do take part in the Christmas Crib Festival which is open Thurs 1st to Sun 4th December, 10:00am – 7:00pm daily (Sun 11:30am – 5:00pm).  Together with our own Angel Festival, the Bramhall Church community is making this a great festive start to December 2016!

Mothers’ Union Matters

Mothers Union at Bramhall St Michaels

Members spent a happy afternoon on Wednesday with prayer partners St Cross at Knutsford. Revd Paul Deakin spoke about the three years in the 1990s that he, Angela, and the boys had spent in South Africa. We looked at slides of that very beautiful country, including those of the countryside Paul passed on his daily eight mile cycle ride to work. It was not all idyllic though – on one occasion a gentleman asked Angela if he could have the bread that the boys were feeding to the ducks; and another time Angela was asked by a black African mother if she had really meant to invite her little boy to Matthew’s party.

We were made really welcome and given a delicious tea; it was good to see how pleased St Cross members are to have Paul as their priest. We were invited to their Christmas tree festival on 9th & 10th December, and Angela said that she will bring a group to our Angel Festival.

Grateful thanks to our drivers. It was a very pretty journey along the Cheshire lanes with the sun shining through the orange, yellow, and red autumn leaves.

Newala Christmas gift cards

This year cards are available for £5 each to support one of three projects in the Diocese: water harvesting tanks for villages; porridge breakfasts for schoolchildren; a refurbished tractor for the Diocese.  Your choice which project the card(s) you purchase support.  The cards can be bought now or ordered in the hall after the 10am Service on Sundays, or contact the Office.