Festival 2020

After the Narnia Festival, the organising group awarded itself time off, having first agreed that the next St M’s Festival would be in 2020 – dates to be decided – and that, given the ‘lead time’ required organisationally, the first meeting of the Festival 2020 group would be six months later.  The six months now up, the meeting in the Lounge on Thursday 18th October, at midday.  All are welcome to come along, whether you want to be involved in organising Festival 2020 or want to find out a bit more before committing yourself.  If interested but unable to attend, please contact Parish Office on 0161 439 3989.

Garden of Remembrance

At the East of end of the church grounds is the Garden of Remembrance. In part of the garden there are currently two large flower beds that were planted with hydrangeas around 20 years ago. Following the hot summer, it has been decided that it is time to refresh this area of the garden. The plans are to replace the current hydrangeas with roses and to install another rose bed along the adjacent path. This further bed will be opposite the peace roses that were planted two years ago.

Each rose will cost £15 and we hope to prepare the beds and plant the roses during November. Whilst the church has already committed to the work being undertaken, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to make a donation towards the cost of a rose in memory of your loved one.

If you choose to make a donation, cheques can be made payable to St. Michael & All Angels PCC. Please mark clearly that your donation is for the remembrance garden.