Reflections on Narnia – The Cast

Mr Tumnus (David Taylor)

It was a real privilege being the first to see the absolute delight on the faces of the children over the first 3 days as they entered Narnia through the wardrobe. To my amazement this joy and excitement continued as we opened the wardrobe to the general public. There wasn’t a single occasion where both children and adults weren’t blown away by the experience.
The support and encouragement of the wider church community and the fun and joy of working with the Narnia team has and will continue to have a lasting effect on me. The experience is one I shall treasure.

The White Witch (Jill Elston)

Firstly, it was fantastic and beyond my wildest dreams!

It did feel like a big family being “In Narnia” – a family that prays together, eats together, supports each other and grumbles with each other – a typical loving family.  Narnia provided for a growth within the church community and some examples of people showing great service, fortitude, bravery, courage and imagination.

The reaction to Narnia was overwhelming. It was obvious from the comments that people appreciated the amount of effort, planning and person hours that went in to making Narnia so fantastic.  The planning, staged publicity and Chinese whispers was definitely worthwhile.

We were able to share a story that is worth telling. It was a privilege to be part of something so amazing and to be alongside everyone who contributed to Narnia.  My favourite quote of the week was ‘how wonderful to see people queuing to get into a church event!’

Mrs Beaver (Janet Kettringham)

I still find myself humming the Narnia music, with a huge smile on my face.

I believe the wow factor started that first Sunday when we began walking into a tree’d-up church and realising that the whole was greater than the parts.

So many people had parts to play, from the planning team buzzing with energy and ideas right from the start, to gradually widening that group to include fabricators of all kinds, enthusiastic parishioners, schools, youth groups, music and art students… the list goes on.

The  scripts fired imaginations, allowed joy and delight to seep into the work and bring so many people to St Michael’s.

And I found throughout the whole event, from setting up to striking down a wonderful family feeling of goodwill to each other. Whatever ‘magic’ that made it so uplifting, whatever warmth and inclusivity that was palpable to everyone who came, we must try to instil that vital spirit in any future endeavours.

Sue Taylor (Lead Planner – Head Narnian)

14 months ago a group of keen committed members of the congregation met to talk through the possibility of staging a second festival at St Michaels. Buoyed on by the success of the Angel Festival, the previous December. Ideas were aired, thoughts shared and a consensus easily reached , it had to be a Narnia Festival!!!

Jill and I leapt on a train to Liverpool, they were staging The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe at St George’s Hall. We came away hooked, we could do it , we should do it !!

From then on, at each planning meeting creative juices flowed and excitement built. We should aim high, go for the wow factor, deliver the story, put St Michaels on the map.

Over a year in the planning, an unbelievable week of setting up and success we hardly imagined possible, we did it. Being part of the planning team was a privilege, such determination, such commitment and such great fun. Hard work: undoubtedly, community building: certainly and an experience that will never leave those involved.