Ministers Message – September 2018

New Year

For a lot of people September has come to be another point at which New Year is marked with the start of the new academic year. New teachers will be let loose on their first classes, students will meet new teachers if not new schools, and many parents will give a sigh of relief as the holidays come to an end. September is also a time when families will travel to distant cities to drop off loved ones at university too.

All these new starts will require change. Adapting to new syllabuses or routines, learning new names and getting to know classmates, and even discovering new cities and how to live alone or in a house with strangers.

For those in the education system I think the arrival of September can sometimes feel like it’s a time when you are pushed out of your comfort zone. The start of this new academic year might also be a time when you could challenge yourself to something new and something that might broaden the horizons or deepen the roots of your faith. There are a number of new things starting and I want to take the opportunity to make you aware of them:

Knit and Natter starts on the Second Thursday of the month at. You could join to learn a new skill or rekindle an art of old whilst getting to know others a little bit better.

A weekly bible study will start on Wednesday 12th September, every Wednesday at 5.30pm in Costa on the high street. It will be a simple session looking at what a passage might mean to us as Christians today and open to all.

We will also be launching a free soup lunch on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 12pm following our midweek communion. A chance for people to come and share fellowship and eat together – something Jesus showed was important.

So I hope even if you have long left the academic world, you might take time this September to ask yourself, what new challenge can I rise to? What else could I do or change to help me grow as a disciple of Jesus?

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