Ministers Message – January 2019


If you had to define who you are with just one sentence, what would say?

Its common place now for people on social media to use only a few words to describe who they are, usually describing their interests more than who they are.

Jesus throughout his ministry was challenged by the expectations people had of him, and how these were in stark contrast with who he actually was. In the end we read in Matthew 16:15 Jesus asking the disciples:

‘Who do you say that I am?’

Jesus wants the disciples to truly understand who he is, because from understanding that core truth they will have greater understanding of the events to follow.

Understanding who we are and being comfortable with who we are is vital. So much of the chaos and confusion of our national life is because of a lack of understanding about identity. (My personal opinion)

When we understand who we are, and we allow that identity to thrive we can have confidence in ourselves and in our surroundings.  In the coming weeks my identity will shift slightly as I become Vicar of Bramhall. That may mean some changes, but at the heart of it I remain confident that I am first and foremost a child of God.

God gives a new identity to each of his followers, our task is to understand it and allow it to shape who we are and how we live, confident in his promises and confident in his wisdom.

In the coming months, as a church, we will spend some time thinking, praying and discussing who God has called us to be as the Parish Church for Bramhall in 2019 and beyond. As we discern from God what this identity and purpose is, my hope and prayer is that our communal life together will continue to be renewed and our passion for God and serving him will increase.

Revd Calum Piper, Vicar Designate

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