Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you don’t find the information you require on this website or amongst the FAQ section that follows, please do contact us.

What time are your regular Sunday Services?

Bramhall St Michaels holds its regular Sunday services at 8am (without hymns) and 10am (with hymns and some sung liturgy).  For further details please consult the web pages on Sunday Services and also our special Kaleidoscope Services (10am service each 3rd Sunday of the month).

Is there a dress code for church services?

There is no dress code – you should dress to be comfortable and happy.  Being self-conscious about anything gets in the way of a spiritually fulfilling service.  There are certainly people who dress smartly (aka “Sunday Best”!) and you will not be alone if you wish to do this.  Equally there are many who dress casually, so do as you please.

Who goes to your church?

The congregation at St Michaels reflects the demography of Bramhall and, as such, is full of friendly individuals and families with kind hearts and questioning minds.  Bramhall St Michaels is, philosophically speaking, a broad church providing fertile soil for spiritual growth, individual and communal, that is unconfined and untainted by religious dogma and expectation.  Its monthly Kaleidoscope Services showcase the beauty of differing perspectives and the flowering of faith in its various forms.  Those of any faith and none should feel warmly welcome as we aim to learn from each other.

The regular services at St Michaels generally follow a serene Anglican liturgy with a degree of ritual that lends the services a sense of space and meditative peace.  This is not meant to be “exclusive” and people can participate in any way they like to the extent they wish without feeling exposed or judged.  St Michaels has its fair share of introverts and extroverts, so hopefully the format of services suits all personalities.

Is the Church suitable for Children?

Of course!  Anybody is welcome in the church, whatever age.  Children will chatter, play, and make noise from time to time, but they have every right to be in church and they will be a joy for the congregation.  It is also really important that parents and guardians can enjoy feeling engaged with services without constantly worrying about their little ones.  The newly refurbished “children’s space” (which isn’t a corner any more but a lounging space with toys at the heart of the church) is available if you and your children would feel more comfortable sitting there, but sit anywhere you want.  Also, the Kaleidoscope Services (which occur every 3rd Sunday of each month) are slightly shorter and you may like to try them out.  The Parish Centre annexed to the church includes an accessible toilet with baby changing facilities.

Is there good disabled access?

Absolutely, yes.  There is wheelchair access into and within the church as well as an accessible toilet (with baby changing facilities) within the Parish Centre (annexed to the church).  Hearing assistance equipment is there to facilitate your enjoyment of the church services, and there is no shortage of help on offer should any be required.

Are there Bathroom facilities?

Yes, the Parish Centre (annexed to the church) has men and women’s toilets as well as an accessible toilet with baby changing facilities.

Can I park near the Church?

There is a car park at the main entrance to the church, which may be used as a drop off if so wished, and a much larger car park across the road directly opposite the church.

How can I get more involved?

The different talents and skills we have are the church’s most valuable assets, and there are a whole range of things people can help with, be it practical help, advice, being a member of a church committee, or helping out at particular events.  You may get an idea of what you could help with by taking a look at the Volunteering, What’s On, and Groups pages, but there are also a variety of church roles (e.g. musicians, singers, servers, welcomers, sidepersons, chalice administrators, treasurers, offertory party, tea and coffee servers, committee members and more) and you should feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.  There are also a variety of activities and groups you can be involved with, so please take a look at the appropriate pages or contact us for further information.  We’d love to hear from you.