Bramhall Remembers 100

Remember 100

To mark 100 years since the armistice we are inviting everyone in Bramhall to join in with creating a community art installation of poppies. The idea is to create a curtain of poppies, to reflect the sacrifices made by the community of Bramhall 100 years ago which will also become a focus for remembering. We invite and hope that every family in Bramhall will join in by creating a paper poppy which will then be brought together and hung in the tower at St. Michaels Parish Church.

Each poppy will represent one family saying thank you and remembering those who gave their lives freely for justice liberty and freedom. Bringing them together will show the unity of community as well as reminding us of the scale of war. Our aim is to bring together at least 7000 paper poppies.

We are very thankful to the Local Area Committee of Stockport Council for agreeing to fund this project.



  • During the first week of October we are launching the project to the local community
  • From 10th October the poppy packs will be available to people to collect and start creating.
  • During the week of 5th November we will be bringing all the poppies together and install the curtain
  • The installation will be unveiled on Sunday 11th November and the church will then be open for people to view it throughout the following week, the week beginning Monday 12th November

How you can get involved!

 Local Businesses

If you are a local business we are looking for places that would be willing to be collection points. This would involve having a box somewhere visible that people could pick up a poppy template and then drop it off when they have put it together. We would provide all the resources and regularly come and empty the box.

Community Groups

If you run a local community group, to hold a session with all your members where they can each create a poppy. We can provide you with the template and can come and collect the finished poppies from you.

Getting Active

In the week leading up to remembrance Sunday we will be bringing all the poppies together and hanging them. The more help doing this the better.


Getting in Touch

To get involved please contact Revd Calum Piper, Interim Minister of St. Michaels. He can be reached on [email protected] or on the following numbers.

Office: 0161 439 3989                  

Mobile: 07511427258