Youth Activities at Bramhall St Michaels

Our youth are our pride and joy, and our hopes for the future lie with them.  St Michaels sincerely tries to offer a loving embrace and spiritual support to children and their families.  The church realises that a child’s spiritual growth can often depend on the spiritual nourishment of their parents.  It is therefore essential for parents to engage without being preoccupied and distracted by any “noise” their children may make.  Yes there is always a risk that children can disturb certain people at certain times, but more often than not people are extremely uplifted by the sights and sounds of chuckling children – it may therefore be a giving act to allow your children to be “noticed”!  In any case, services at St Michaels can often be surprisingly calming to even the most exuberant of children – if not don’t worry!

In terms of youth activities and groups, keep an eye on what’s on and here is a non-exhaustive sample:

Bramhall St Michaels takes safeguarding very seriously and relevant DBS checks are in place in compliance with legal requirements.