Meditation / Mindfulness

Bramhall St Michaels considers meditation to be an extremely valuable yet underused spiritual asset, which is as valuable within a Christian context as any other.  Meditation is often mistakenly seen as the sole preserve of Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism.  Though, as Christians, we could certainly learn a lot from Buddhism, the fact remains that meditation has always been practiced by Christians throughout the ages and it truly traverses all religious boundaries as a universal language of God.  It allows us to “calm the storm” as Jesus did (Matthew 8:23-27) and access the peace of God here and now.

Bramhall’s “breathing space” offers:
  • 2 minutes welcome and stilling exercise
  • 20 minutes of comfortably seated shared silence
  • breath awareness
  • a couple of minutes’ silent prayer of thanks
  • a brief piece of deeply peaceful, relaxing music
  • around half an hour all told
  • absolutely inclusive – no faith tradition or experience required
  • arrive in silence and depart in silence
  • no charge, nothing to say or do – just a very beautiful place and space

Monthly Mondays in 2016

11 January | 8 February | 14 March | 11 April | 9 May | 13 June | 11 July |

8 August | 12 September | 10 October | 14 November | 12 December

8pm at St Michael & All Angels, Bramhall, SK7 2PG

Everyone is welcome!