Sunday Services – 8am and 10am

Each Sunday St Michaels Bramhall hosts two Sunday Eucharist services – one at 8am, and one at 10am – at which everyone is most welcome.  Our early 8am Eucharist services are purely spoken (without hymns) whereas hymns and parts of the liturgy are sung at our 10am services.  Our church musicians will typically provide a delightful musical accompaniment.

People enjoy services at St Michaels for all sorts of reasons because you can engage on whatever level you like.  For some the serenity and humility of the services afford a very personal, peaceful, and spiritual experience – a harassment free space of peace and tranquillity.  On the other hand, the togetherness of shared worship, shared peace and communion can be joyfully uplifting and is there for anyone to enjoy.

Audio recordings of many of our 10am sermons are available for sampling and catch-up purposes, so please do have a listen.