Kaleidoscope Services

10am Third Sunday of Every Month – Kaleidoscope All Age Worship!

Kaleidoscope All Age Worship is for people of all ages – a way of offering worship that is involving and inclusive, and a way of looking at life in the twenty-first century as multi-coloured and multi-faceted.


Our Kaleidoscope services are intended to be done TOGETHER with involvement from all by seeing, hearing, imagining and engaging with the message of the day.

This vision of Kaleidoscope services originally came from an instrument that presents a single vision initially, and an attractive enough one at that. But it gets better when there’s some interaction, when we engage with a bit of what the Greeks call “metanoia” or “repentance” – a turning around. When we turn the viewer around we begin to see things from many different perspectives, many different times, traditions, native origins, birthrights – many different places. We begin to see the same thing, many different ways.

We believe that this is one of the important things in being a disciple – to continually seek to recognise Jesus in different places, in different ways and allow our perceptions and views of God to be challenged and grown.

Our Kaleidoscope services are planned together. If you would interested in being involved in planning one of the services with the group, keep an eye out for the planning date in St Michael’s Today.


From September 2018 our Kaleidoscope services will be themed on different Heroes of Faith from the Bible. Keep an eye on our facebook page to see who’s next.