Kaleidoscope Services

10am Third Sunday of Every Month – Welcome to Kaleidoscope Mass!

Bramhall’s Kaleidoscope Mass is for people of all ages – a way of offering worship that is involving and inclusive, and a way of looking at life in the twenty-first century as multi-coloured and multi-faceted.


Well: by doing it TOGETHER. And by seeing and hearing and imagining the message of a Kaleidoscope – an instrument that presents a single vision initially, and an attractive enough one at that. But it gets better when there’s some interaction, when we engage with a bit of what the Greeks call “metanoia” or “repentance” – a turning around. When we turn the viewer around we begin to see things from many different perspectives, many different times, traditions, native origins, birthrights – many different places. We begin to see the same thing, many different ways. We recognise again, as though for the first time, a great Love at the heart of all Life that seems to be calling us all to be one: to be a holy communion.