Newala Link

As part of St Michael’s celebration of its first hundred years(2009/10), PCC agreed to look forward in mission to the next hundred years and as one part of that to make a Link with the newly founded Anglican Diocese of Newala in Tanzania. 

The aims for the Link – were to benefit both Church communities
   • by sharing our diverse Christian experience and practice,
     • learning from each other and,
     • given the enormous material disparity between Bramhall and Newala, to offer all the help we at St Michael’s could to develop the Newala Church and the community it served.


Where is The Diocese of Newala?

Newala Diocese had been carved out of the enormous Diocese of Masasi in 2010.

The New Diocese is in the southernmost part of Tanzania, bordering Mozambique to the south along the Rovuma river, the Indian Ocean to the east, and the Makonde plateau to the west.

Christianity is strong on the coast at Mtwara, and in the inland town of Newala (from which the Diocese gets its name) on the Makonde plateau, but across this mostly rural area the tradition is predominantly Muslim with small Christian congregations scattered throughout often stimulated by the Christian commitment of teachers posted to village primary schools. Nowhere is Christianity the majority religion.

10 Years on

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the creation of Bramhall’s link with Newala. Having been supporting Newala for 10 years it was felt that it would be right to stop and review what had been happening over the last 10 years and the impact that our link has had.

The Bramhall Newala Link group established a review and published a report to the PCC and wider congregations which detailed the history, the last 10 years of activity, responses from the congregation and possible suggestions for the future.

You can read a copy of their review here.


Further updates from the link group will be posted in the news section of our website but we will endeavour to provide a link to them here.