Circle Of Friends

A Friendly Informal Ladies Group

The Circle of Friends is a new group of ladies who meet at 2-30pm on the second Wednesday of the month in Bramhall St Michaels Church Lounge.  The cost is £1-00 each meeting.  The group has evolved from that previously known as St Michael’s Guild, but we are not affiliated with any other organisation and we welcome any ladies who would enjoy companionship and a cup of tea!

The meetings are arranged by two of the members each month, on a voluntary basis.  We sometimes have a speaker if a member recommends someone.  Otherwise it is up to whoever is planning the meeting to decide what format they would like to arrange – it could be just a case of bringing the milk and leading a simple activity such as a quiz or discussion. The meetings are very informal and lots of fun.  Do come and join us: we are a group of about 20 very energetic ladies!!! For further information please contact us.