Scouts & Guides

St Michaels and 4th Bramhall Together

Delivering Fun, Challenge, Adventure, and Skills for Life!

4th Bramhall Scouts and Guides

Bramhall St Michael’s is proud to be associated with 4th Bramhall (St Michael’s) Scout Group and 4th Bramhall (St Michael’s) Guide Unit. There are no better organisations for delivering the practical life skills and challenges that young people need and thrive on.

Beavers - Ages 6 to 8

6-7pm on Tuesdays

Cubs - Ages 8 to 10½

6.45pm-8.15pm on Wednesdays

Scouts - Ages 10½ to 14

7.15pm-9pm on Thursdays

Explorers - Ages 14 to 18

7.30pm - 9pm on Tuesdays

Brownies - Ages 7 to 10

6.30pm-8pm Wednesdays

Guides - Ages 10 to 14

7.15pm-8.45pm Tuesdays

Senior Section - Ages 14 to 26

7.15pm-8.45pm Tuesdays