Puppet Ministry

Double Act – Bramhall’s Young Writers, Artists and Performers

Puppet Mission at St Michaels BramhallPuppet Mission St Michaels Bramhall

A talented group of young people have come together at Bramhall St Michaels to form “Double Act”, a Puppet Ministry which addresses amusing and challenging messages to various audiences (at church and elsewhere).

Our young people learn the art of making their puppets come to life in comedy, drama, music and dance centred around Bible stories as well as personal qualities: being kind, respecting people’s differences and being responsible citizens.

Double Act spends time thinking about their story, writing scripts, creating props, choreographing dance moves and learning to work as a team to create compelling theatre pieces. Each member of the team brings a gift to the ministry, whether it’s dazzling dialogue, disco dancing, painting props or encouraging one another to improve their skills. Each person develops their confidence, their creativity and their faith on their Double Act journey and some step up to help lead the younger team members.

Double Act performs not only within the St Michael’s Church family, but also to other audiences of all ages. We’re keen fundraisers, especially for our sister church in Tanzania. We would love to welcome more young people to our ministry; if you’d like to find out more, or to organise a taster session, contact Yvonne Hope through St Michael’s Church office.