St Michaels hosts a variety of family activities and endeavours to provide a platform which strengthens intra- and inter-family relationships.

Families are warmly welcomed at St Michaels. The church strives not only to spiritually nourish our children (which it does very gently through play, such as with events like Messy Church, or through activities such as music), but also to satisfy the needs of parents, grandparents, and the family as a unit.

St Michaels recently renovated its children’s space – it is no longer a corner and now takes pride of place at the heart of the congregation whilst providing modern comforts for children and parents alike. If parents wish to use this area then feel free, but don’t be put off sitting anywhere else either. The important thing is to be comfortable so that you can feel uplifted by church services without constantly worrying about what the children are up to.

Kaleidoscope services, which happen every third Sunday of the month, are particularly popular with families and children can get involved with the services themselves if they are up for it!

Praise and Play on a Thursday morning (10am to about 11.30am) is also a lovely activity for 0-4 year olds and their carers, involving lots of coffee, play, singing, and story telling.

Beyond this there are countless activities, some of which are mentioned on this website, for families to enjoy.