St Michaels Bramhall – Activities Galore

Bramhall Parish Church is a hotbed of activity.  Perhaps unsurprising given Bramhall’s unique community spirit and exceptional friendliness.

The popularity of St Michaels church services brings a powerful vibrancy to a serene and meditative experience.  Parents with little ones need not be pre-occupied with keeping their children quiet and “in-check”.  Their energy is integral to the spiritual peace we can all enjoy.  In any case, young ones often find the space and serenity at St Michaels very calming.

St Michaels is blessed with a large and loving “regular” congregation.  This congregation will warmly embrace anyone: visitors, newcomers, rare or occasional congregants, wanderers, whatever! We do hope St Michaels can be a comfortable space for all.

Our church plays host to many group activitieschurch-based as well as community-based. We invite all to participate at your leisure.  Spiritual seekers can also explore the many spiritual activities on offer – these are expanding all the time.  There are also family-orientated and youth-orientated activities to be enjoyed, be it as a participant or volunteer.

St Michaels is also proud to be involved with community projects, missions, and charities.  Please let us know if you are able to help with any of these.