Church Not As You Know It

Everyone has a different understanding of what Church is. Church can be different for every person, but at the heart of any definition of what real church is, is people. Its people that make the community that calls itself the church.

In February 2018 we hosted a Narnia Festival at which over 2000 people walked through the doors of the wardrobe and experienced the church telling the Christian story. Over that week we spoke to all sort of people from different ages, backgrounds and families. One thing we discovered was people wanted to be part of a community. Having listened to what people said we have decided now is the time to launch something new. 

On Sunday 24th June, St. Michael's is hosting a Summer Celebration in which we are launching a new community gathering.


Join us on Sunday 24th June at 4pm for all sorts of fun as we grow a new community gathering for the people of Bramhall.

There will be games, craft, family fun and even a BBQ and refreshments too. The afternoon is free and together we are going to explore what does it mean to be community in 2018, in Bramhall.

We are so excited for this new community - we cant wait to share it with you!